Moni's First Clarity Breathwork Session

Hi Friends, 

This blog post is about the day that I had my very first Clarity Breathwork session back in 2018.

A healing miracle happened for me that day and I want to share my journey with you. 

It was summer and I was up in Canada attending festivals while working on my friends vegan food truck. Our last gig of the summer was at the Shambala Music Festival.

It was by far the largest festival I had ever gone to. 

I witnessed over 15,000 people show up over a few days.

It was very hot and very dusty.

As more and more people arrived, we were living in a giant dust cloud. 

We were suggested to wear bandanas and glasses to help block out some of the bigger particulates, but I ended up getting really effected and came down with a flu. 

It was over 80 degrees, but I was freezing cold with achey bones and experiencing extreme fatigue.

I slept for over 24 hours straight. 

One morning, my friend checked in on me. He invited me to go to this workshop called Clarity Breathwork that was starting in 1 hour.

I wasn't confident in my strength to walk over there yet, but he ended up convincing me to go and check it out.    

When we got there, I laid down in the grass and felt another wave of fatigue hitting me. I was half in and half out of consciousness. 

The workshop began and all I remember the facilitator saying to us was to breathe in and out of our mouth in a connected pattern while focusing on opening our heart. 

By the end of the breathwork session I was 100% healed. 





I had no pain!

I had no signs of a flu! 

I felt vibrant, alive, and full of vital life force energy! 

I ended up telling the facilitator my story and, to my amazement, she told me that she had a vision of me leading breathwork circles!

She told me that if I were to get trained in Clarity Breathwork this year that I could come back next year and teach with her at the festival! 

She wrote down on a tiny piece of scrap paper for me her name and, "Clarity Breathwork." I tucked in a book that I did not find until many months later after I had returned home to CA. 

One day I opened up a book called, "The Polarity Process: Energy As A Healing Art" and there was the tiny scrap piece of paper that said, "Clarity Breathwork!" 

I immediately googled it and found that Dana and Ashanna's next training would be near me in Heartwood, CA!

I signed up immediately.

When I got to Heartwood, so much more magic and synchronicities began to happen for me. 

My heart skipped a beat when I found out that Heartwood was one of the major training grounds for polarity therapy back in the day.

I felt the Universe winking at me and I knew I was right where I was supposed to be. 

We are so guided in this life my friends 🙏🏽

Thank you for being a part of this magical journey!

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